Hey there! My name is Amy. I’m a wife to a pretty fabulous husband; the mother to a furry, four-legged, feline who we affectionately call Chuckie; a professional chef in my home’s kitchen (um, well a self & family taught one); an aspiring yogi; an ingredient analyzer – I like to eat as “clean” as possible, (I do, however, have to practice the 80/20 rule or I will go nuts if I’m not a little lenient); I constantly challenge western medicine by practicing new age remedies; I’m a student of the DIY movement; a wannabe photographer; a crazy animal lover… and an all-around cool chick :-).

Since 2004, I’ve been engulfed in learning and researching the subject of health and wellness. NOTE: I don’t have a degree in nutrition or natural medicine, nor am I a certified health coach or an MD. Learning about the subject became a hobby of mine. Reading and studying books, researching online, watching countless documentaries, meeting with new people who believed in a different approach to being well, learning about the “cures”, treatments  and preventative side of health vs. the approach of treating just symptoms of a dis-ease or condition . Some call it “alternative”,  “Eastern Medicine”, “unconventional”, “natural or holistic medicine”. From the food that we eat to the products we use on a daily basis in the home and on our bodies- I was learning that so much could affect our health. A LOT of my readings had to do with the food we were eating, the ingredients in products, etc. and why those things might be the reason we aren’t feeling so hot sometimes. This led me to one of my great interests: transforming my cooking so it was “healthier” for me and my family. Whether it means accommodating to an intolerable wheat/gluten and corn digestive system, or just deciding to be a vegan for the day, I’ve immersed myself in studying and implementing several of the lifestyles one can choose to lead so they can feel better.

Over the last several years, my interest in these subjects evolved into understanding deeper levels of obtaining whole body wellness, such as meditation, energy work/healing, “integral life practice” – physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening… Going through my own wellness journey through these last several years (a journey I am still on), allowed me to take ownership of my personal health goals by applying to myself a lot of what I was learning and then implementing them into my lifestyle. This allowed me to be an example to those in my sphere of influence. Along the way, I discovered other things that started to feed my creative side. This leads into why I wanted to have a place to share many different things that have “fed” me…

Fast forward to the last handful of years… As I mentioned, at some point in this journey, I discovered one of my creative outlets was messing around in the kitchen. I once read somewhere “a kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment, and for many homes is now the heart and soul of family life.” This phrase stuck with me and made me realize it is one of my joys to play in this central room of the house! Cooking is therapeutic to me and I LOVE tweaking a recipe or creating a new one all together, and sharing with others, as a lot of great people have shared with me. HOWEVER, several other things nourish me from the inside out nowadays – inspiring words of a quote, a powerful yoga class, captivating book, morning meditation, discovery of a new remedy, etc… Whether one or 100 people take a peak at this blog or not, I’ve come to this space so I can share what feeds my soul… and maybe it will feed yours too!!

Lots of Love and Light,



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