Good Morning…

Larry's Beans coffee mug

As I was putting the dishes away this morning, pouring my cup of coffee (into one of my favorite diner-like mugs – I have a collection…), my mind floated into a state of appreciation. An appreciation of my life, how I’m grateful for all of the things that I have, i.e. my husband and his incredible drive, vision and love for me; my little furry child that finds a way to snuggle with me just as I’m waking up; my safe, cozy home; the food that is put on my table everyday; the clean water that I have access to; my daily schedule that I am blessed to have flexibility with when I need to; the yoga classes I’m able to attend… I digress :-).  I walked out onto my patio to check on the many herbs in what I’ve affectionately coined as our “terra-ce cotta garden”, and to let our little feline run around a bit, and I took a deep breath. The air was cooler than it has been (thank goodness), zero clouds, and the was sun illuminating the sky. The smell of the morning air reminded me of several nostalgic scents that sooth my soul and bring a smile to my heart. It is a beautiful day – we can make it into what we want it to be.



11 Smells Soothing To The Soul…

  1. Grilling on a Weber charcoal grill
  2. A sudden breeze of lilac flowers from a neighboring bush
  3. Grandma’s homemade cinnamon buns
  4. Burning of autumn leaves
  5. A handful of rich coffee beans
  6. The worn pages of an old book
  7. Clean ocean air blowing off of the sea
  8. Grandpa’s aftershave left on your clothes after embracing him
  9. A freshly bathed infant, with that hint of baby powder
  10. Crisp, pure mountain air on a sunny afternoon
  11. An evening campfire

One thought on “Good Morning…

  1. Mmmm….what a beautiful morning it is! And those ‘smells’ you describe that feed your soul…well most of them…if not all feed my soul as well!!! Good morning my lady!!

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